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We are all artists of the most precious canvas we have called LIFE!

Discover your Inner Artist! 

We all have an artist inside of us… we just have to discover it and bring it to light! Just because you don't feel creative doesn't mean you aren't! We must allow art to flow and paint our canvas with color, push ourselves, and get out of our comfort zone.

Our life is the vastest and most precious canvas we have. It is a work of art that you paint day after day. You are creative; you only have to discover it!

Do you want to learn more about color, art, and creativity? You are in the right place! And along with me, you will lose this fear... because you have nothing to fear. This is your moment to jump into the art world.

Hello! I am Natalia Botero, and I will be your guide in all things Creativity.

I am a creative explorer who has loved art since I was little. I love being able to express myself through colors and textures!

I feel that art is a part of me; I love active meditation through color, and with FLUID ART, I have found something that I am passionate about... achieving a connection that goes beyond the heart and transmitting everything I feel onto a canvas. It is an extraordinary form of expression that I want to share with you!

I want to share things I am passionate about and what inspires me

we're all artists...

come with me and discover it!

The main purpose of FLUID ART is to flow with color, texture, and inspiration to create a connection with your being and practice active meditation next to your canvas. This element will be the key to capturing a thousand stories...

But don't worry! Remember, I am here to aid and guide you in this process.

In 11 lessons, you will discover the different painting techniques of FLUID ART. You will learn to actively meditate through color and fall in love with this wonderful technique, finding your favorite way of communicating art...


Discover in the chromatic circle what this course includes...

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