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Entreaguas Foundation

Entreaguas Foundation Logo

Fundación Entreaguas is a non-profit organization created in Colombia in 2014, with the objective of improving the life quality of our artisans, single mothers, people with physical and mental disabilities and young people in the process of reintegrating society.

Artisans from local communities celebrating art with Entreaguas Foundation

Our Wearable Art comes alive thanks to the hands and care of each of our talented artisans. They use their expert hands to craft and weave intricate macramé garments and inspire us with their live stories.

For this and for much more, they are the main inspiration of our dream: To give them the opportunity to have a sustainable income through our Foundation.

We are convinced that when there is a social commitment, everything makes more sense, learning and growth comes when you share it with those around you.

Single mother artisans have the power to achieve their dream and provided for their families

Social Work

Cisneros, Colombia.

In 2015, we created a program to create job opportunities for vulnerable communities in Cisneros and to give training in various hand-woven techniques to physically and mentally challenged people, single mothers and young people reintegrating society.

Self-growth activities were also conducted, fomenting art principles which inspire each garment made by our artisans.

Medellín, Colombia.

Provide training and job opportunities for single mothers who live in challenging social and economical conditions, where many of them have mentally or physically challenged children and they are responsible of improving the conditions for them and their family.

This is possible thanks to the collaboration with Fundación Solidaridad y Compromiso, in the city of Medellín, located in the Commune 3 of Bello Oriente

Carefully crafted swimwear and beachwear

"Weaving dreams, connecting our senses to reach happiness, this is our main quest”

– Fundación Entreaguas