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Facial Rejuvenation and Consciousness Course Erase your facial past and start a new life!

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What are the 6 Master Classe?
They are a great opportunity for you to live a physical and mental transformation.
Week after week you will renew each area of your face and acquire transformative knowledge that will reconnect you with your inner power.
Based on 3 fundamental principles: - Relaxation - Re-education - Toning
What you will learn:
* Important theory to understand the practice *

The 6 MC include:
* Course of 6 live online classes
* Don't worry if you can't attend, the classes are recorded
* PDF of routines and postural guidelines
 * 5 different facial massages, including hands, guasha, acupressure, etc.

* 1st Mc routine content:
 “Intro and facial reset”
 The importance of our facial gestures, daily habits
*2nd Mc facial reset massage: “Forehead and eyes” natural botox effect
3a Mc: "eyes"
Tones the eyes, lifts the eyelids, improves your eyesight and revitalizes your gaze
*4a Mc: "Facial and neck line"
Improves bruxism, defines facial line, tones and drains neck of toxins to eliminate double chin .
*5a Mc: "Nose, lips and nasolabials"
Reduces nasolabial lines, improves your smile and outlines lips.
*6a Mc: "Cheekbones and smile"
Tone the cheekbones, improve your smile, lift the corners of the mouth, transform your mind The last session is to resolve doubts Duration of each class: 1 and 2 hours WhatsApp group with Nati for follow-up and accompaniment in the process! Limited places

*After purchasing the course, you will be able to access the group through a link sent to you directly by email. In that group, you will help have Nati’s support for a month, the connection link, recorded classes, among other benefits.

IMPORTANT: If after making your purchase you do not see the email, check your spam!