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Art BFFs - Terms & Conditions

Why am I getting the message, "You are not eligible to claim this gift"?

This message is displayed when our system detects that the same person is trying to refer themselves. The system takes several variables into account to block any attempt to abuse the referral program.

If this message appears and you think it has been blocked by mistake, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Terms and conditions referral program

  • Refer someone successfully. You refer someone successfully when the referred person makes a purchase on and got to the page by clicking on the email or link you shared. Only a person's first purchase counts as a successful referral.
  • Referred person. The referred person and the referring person cannot be the same person.
  • To earn your reward, the referred person must place an order.
  • Right to close an account. Users who seek to abuse the referral program or do not comply with the terms and conditions may be expelled from the referral program.
  • Right to cancel the program or change the terms. Entreaguas reserves the right to cancel the referral program or change the terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion. Any unused rewards will be forfeited if applicable.