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Discovering paradises in our country has been

 wonderful and the best of all has been 

sharing them with you!

There is a place called El Rio Hotel

where Nova (la lora) welcomes us with 

an affectionate bite, the chickens

 greet us with the sun  

and the donkeys accompany us to lunch, 

a place to make great new friends ...

Water and I have a special connection, and I think I 

could say that all human beings, because since we are 

in our mother's womb we are "Entre Aguas", when we are

 born more than 70%

 of our body is Water, that is, during All of our 

existence we are "EntreAguas"

El Rio Hotel a place surrounded by water, a crystalline river

 that runs down the natural marble walls, a place cared 

for and protected by its founders,

 who care about contributing to the 

community and everything that the surrounds ...

Personally, I love going 

to places where 

I can learn new things, feel new emotions,

 connect with nature and with

 myself, because that is where the

essence is, that is where there 

are great answers ... 

In this place I felt Natalia the Explorer, walking and 

swimming through the river to get to one of the most 

beautiful places, the marble walls, and I must confess 

that I felt a little fear not knowing what was in the water 

but seeing so much beauty and feeling so much 

peace that fear was it was disappearing ...

I am deeply grateful to be able

 to pack in our ARTSY canvases

 and paintings to be able to do one of the 

things that I love the most, to paint the

 different paradises that we visit, my heart

 and all the energy of each place

 is captured on each canvas! !!

A trip to always remember, a place we will

 always want to return to !!!

Thank you art collectors for joining us on this path !!!

With love

Natalia Botero T