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3 years ago, we started with the dream of
 traveling the world and transforming it through art! 🎨
Our planet is a unique and majestic work of art, 
full of color, textures, smells, and shapes!!! 
And getting to know and experience it is one of
the most wonderful gifts we have 🌎 AFondo 
is our partner and ally in making our dream a reality! 🙌🏻

The Atacama Desert and Uyuni Salt Flats are our second destination 
in this dream called ExplorART in the 5 continents (the first being Africa), 
both places radiating with magic and authentic charm! 
Each one shines with its own light! ✨💫

San Pedro de Atacama

We started our trip with San Pedro de Atacama, Chile;

 a beautiful town where we had the privilege of seeing Chilean

craftsmanship and gorgeous scenery, plus trying delicious food ☀️🌎

Laguna Cejar 
(we dreamed of this place)

The earth is our inspiration; we have dreamed of visiting 

the lagoons of the Atacama Desert, as these were our latest source 

of inspiration to create our new collection! 🤩🤩🤩 

It's so exciting, and of course, nature exceeded our expectations 😍

Valle de la luna 🌑

 The Atacama Desert has many incredible places to see. 

Each location left us speechless and filled us 

with extraordinary energy felt at every moment.

Previously a salt mine, Valle de La Luna 

is a national reserve visited worldwide today.

 It's exactly like the photographs taken by rovers sent to Mars... 

tall sand dunes that moved to the sound of the wind

and rocky gray, white, and silver surfaces!

Overflowing beauty all around us ❤️🙌🏻

Reserva Eduardo Aboroa 

We stayed 3 nights in Chile, then 

crossed by land to Bolivia. 

Can you believe we were part of the first to enter 

the country via the border after the pandemic? 

😵 We were a little nervous that day but were let through...

and crossed through a natural reserve 

called the Eduardo Abaroa Reserve. 

I did not want to blink once, so I would not miss anything,

 constantly sighing joyfully at the sheer beauty of it all.

 We found several lagoons: 

all different, all with their own light and energy, 

created by mother nature herself, a thought passed through my mind, 

"Please show and guide us in manifesting your beauty...

 teach us generosity because you embody it."

Check out the pictures and see what a spectacle of a reserve it is!

 I would undoubtedly return a thousand times more...

***The weather was quite cold. 

On the days we visited, the temperature varied between 

2 - 12 degrees Celsius (35 - 53 Fahrenheit).

 And, of course, I dreamed of taking beautiful photos 

wearing art that reflected each place.

 I did my best to bear the cold; the mind is stronger 💪🏻💪🏻💪 🏻

Salar de Uyuni

After touring the reserve, overflowing with inspiration, 

as if it weren't already enough, we arrived at the place 

that was our primary motivation for this trip... 

An absolute dream... this destination... ✨❤️🙌🏻 

The Uyuni Salt Flats! 

It's the largest salt desert in the world,

split into a dry and rainy season. 

April and May are the best visiting months; 

you'll have the opportunity to see both seasons.

 It seemed incredible to be there, finally...

 I put it on my map of dreams almost 4 years ago.

 The sunsets found there 

have inspired our color palettes for our dyes,

and suddenly I could see them with my own eyes...

Revived, enduring 3 degrees Celsius weather, but with a

strong heartbeat that radiated through my body and lit up my eyes! 🙌🏻

Take a look at this carousel of color 👇🏻 

A sunset that changed its colors, a water mirror that reflected

hope, wishes, love, generosity, and dreams... 

there came a time when I felt that my heart would explode.

 Tears began to flow 

my emotions could not be contained. 

I just thought and felt… 



Travel with purpose and meaning… 🎨💫


I am convinced that we are all here for a reason, 

little by little, as we walk further into our journeys,

 life shows us why and what we are here for. 

This great question of purpose has been present since childhood... 

Amid our everyday concerns, I have discovered that

when we find and connect with our true purpose,

life shines brighter with an abundance of 

positive energy... ⭐️🌼

We reached the place from which we had 

obtained so much already, how could we not plant our seed 

in the hopes, that it will grow and paint a better world?

And so rose our plan with 80 children from the Uyuni school 👇🏻

And I have to say, what talent there is 😍🎨🤩

Under the Milky Way 🔭🌌

The Uyuni Salt Flats is one of the best places to see the Milky Way… 

I had never seen it. When you lie down looking at an 

infinitely starry sky, you ask yourself many questions… 

it is such meaningful introspection. 

We are not alone. We are tiny but influential in this universe, 

We are beings that shine as bright as stars... 💫

I sincerely hope that you find that light inside you by

connecting with your heart, that it will take you as high as the

stars in these photos, and that through it, you will connect, impact and 

build many worlds. Because each person, in their own way, is 

a world of their own. 🙌🏻

A gift of life

Walking this journey with the wonderful being that

life gave me has been the most beautiful experience. David,

or "el Churro" (as I call him on my personal insta @nbotero_) 

is hardly ever seen here, but he always is.

Holding everything together from behind the camera…

His heart also beats for you, Art Collectors, 

with an insatiable desire to transform the world through art 🎨❤️😍

Thank you to my love, my partner, for trusting and believing ❤️

Best of all… 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

And among so much beauty, 

magnificence, discovery, and inspiration, 

there is still something even better!!! 

The wonderful people with whom we traveled...

 Yes, you, our Art Collectors. You are part of this dream; 

these are trips created and made possible by you.

They give us the grand opportunity to connect

through the seemingly infinite earth we share!

A special thanks to the beautiful Collectors that joined us in Chile, 

who dreamed alongside us, who dared to discover the world through new eyes 

with art and see in each color, a light that connects directly to the heart!

Here began a relationship that remains forever ❤️

And to finish…

A little summary of this trip! 👇🏻

Thank you, @viajarafondo, for making what we dreamed of

a better reality than we imagined… 

thanks to each person who was part of this adventure, 

I am infinitely grateful to life for giving me the opportunity 

to enjoy it more through you. You were my unexpected gifts 

granted by life from the very beginning…

Our next destination: Egypt and Jordan 🛕 

All our art collectors are welcome to travel with us, 

with their partner, friends, dad, mom, or children! 

If anyone wants to be part of another unforgettable experience, 

write to us personally❤️❤️❤️

 A big hug