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Everything around us is life

 and has color ...

Inspiration is in front of our eyes,

 this time we found it in Isla Palma

from Mistica Island

one afternoon at 5:45 pm

 from the pier, the sky began to paint, 

it went through blue and purple tones 

until It ended in an intense orange 

(the color of energy, of the sun) and a gradient blue 

that seemed the reflection of a crystal clear water 

nourished and full of corals, 

a sunset to be always grateful for 

and never to forget ...

At this moment I said ... I have to get to 

our dyeing laboratory, where our 

canvases are the garments 

to bring down this sunset 

from the sky, to keep it alive and 

to fill all our collectors

 with the energy we feel 

under this painted sky. ...

This is how SUNSET was born, in a

 magical place, where the sky talks to the sea,

 the corals greet you as you walk and Juli the 

owner fills your day with a thousand and one smile!

May we always remember that life is full of small moments, 

and that those moments are the true great moments ...

With love

Natalia Botero T.