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Hello Art Collectors !! 

If you love our essentials this post is for you !!!

 Each of our silhouettes is designed and thought 

for certain benefits which 

contribute to making us feel a certain

 way when we use them,

 that is why today I want to tell you

 about the benefits and characteristics of our silhouettes. 

We will start with the two essentials tops!

Top SUN 

This top is the most

 minimalist and clean, it is adjustable 

in the straps and at the base of the

 contour which provides greater support 

and has removable cups. This top has 

a cut called SIDE BOOB which 

visually contributes to making

 the bust look firmer. 

We continue with our WATER top, the

 classic tie around the neck with

 removable cups, it has decorative strips in

 the cup that visually give us volume in the bust, 

that is, if you have a little bust and you

 would like it to increase you 

a little this is perfect!! It is adjustable in

 neck and base.

We are convinced that the 

cleaner a silhouette is and the smaller

the body looks much more beautiful, many

times we have been told that it 

is better to use more covered, 

wide or large pieces so that 

those chubby, stretch marks or 

cellulite cover us more than It

generates insecurity, but 

what it does visually increases

our volume, therefore it does

not help us to look and feel safer, 

that is why our silhouettes 

are small in design, because all women

have beautiful and unique bodies, all of them 

we are sexy and our silhouettes help 

us to make it look and feel that way! 

We continue with our bottoms! 

PLANET, the most classic silhouette, is not 

highwaisted but not lowrise either, 

it is perfect for those collectors who are more classic

 and who feel more confident with silhouettes a little more covered,PLANET

is available in Latin and American

 cuts, the Latin one is smaller in the 

posterior, this contributes visually to increase a

 little volume of our buttocks, and 

the American is the one that charges a little more. 

GALAXY, a sexy, clean 

and perfect silhouette to

 fill us with the energy of the sun,

 if you are one of those who

 love to tan, this

  silhouette is perfect!

 It is adjustable on both sides, cheeky and 

small, that also makes the body look much 

better visually highlighting the curves!

 GALAXY is also 

available in Latin and American cut. 

Our third bottom, STAR,

 perfect for the one that is not so 

risky but not classic either, ties at the sides 

which allows you to adjust it to your favorite 

measure, additionally it has gathered in the 

back, this detail makes it completely

 unique and favorite by many as 

it increases the volume

 of our buttocks! STAR 

is available in Latin and American court.

Each silhouette of our Essentials 

has its reason for being, the most

 important thing is that you connect with 

your favorite and find that reason 

why it is that you want to have the most !!!

Thank you Collectors for reading, 

we hope this post will be

 of great use to you! If you have questions or comments, we invite you 

to leave them here! We will answer them soon !! 

With Love. 

Natalia Botero T