Nebulosa, our inspiration!

Today I want to share something

 that has been part of us since the 

day this company started. 

Entreaguas has three lines of

  inspiration, each of which has 

an individual purpose and reason for being...

  WaterCosmos and Earth are our spinal 

cord and they're what were connected 

to and they're what 

we always want to portray in each of our art 

pieces for you! Starting with water,

 since we're in our mothers' 

womb we're between water.

 When we're born, over 70% of our body is water, 

meaning that throughout all our

 existence we are among water!

Then, we arrive at this world called 

Earth; this generous place, full of color, 

melodies, textures, shapes, food and 

energy, this place to which we have to 

give everything back...

And to finish, the Cosmos, when we 

die we become dust laying around in the

infinity, in the universe we know little 

of for its immensity but who constantly 

surprises us, just being in front of the sea

at a starry night and seeing the number 

of shooting stars pass by... 

The Moon that lights us up and 

accompanies us every night, the 

Sun which recharges us

of it's infinite energy...

Today we wanted to bring the Nebula from

the sky for all of you and show in our pieces its 

colors and fill them with all its 

energy and light, meaning, more

 than wearing a garment it

 is taking everywhere with you a piece of 

Art lit by the Nebula.

"Nebulosa" arrives with a "Shells" 

combo which is composed 

of our Flowy Skirt, which has numerous 

ways to be used, I invite you to watch the next video 

so that you can find out which is your

 favorite way to be worn

Additionally, it is composed of 

a headband and the Bikini Shells

which we're in love with!

As an addition, we have our "Nebulosa" 

croptop with removable shoulder pads, 

you can use it for formal and informal 

occasions, everything

 depends the garments 

you use it with 

and accessories to complement it. 

If you wish to use it for

 some formal evening, I'd recommend

 to use it with the shoulder pads

 and for more casual occasions, 

I'd recommend for the shoulder

 pads to be removed! 

We added a peak in the center of the 

abdomen to this design, which represents 

the energy falling from the universe!

Lastly, comes the "Nebulosa" 

dress, which is Flowy, 

with a lot of movement, 

perfect for a special occasion!

Remember, Art Collector that each of our pieces

 is hand woven and hand dyed, which allows

 each of them to be as unique as each of you!

We invite you to discover more of this 

capsule and leave your comments on it

we love to read you!

With all my love,

Natalia Botero T

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Completely in love with Entreaguas bathing suits! They’re original, functional, & so groovy. Me encantan!

Cristina C.