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A day filled with charm, anticipation, joy, and nerves...

 A day to remember forever! 

That's what we feel on our wedding day

a million indescribable emotions, new sensations, 

and shared happiness.

The art of love is a special kind of art. 

The art of teamwork 

with synergy paints a canvas called a shared life project, 

full of love, creation, understanding, and coexistence. 

This artwork remains unfinished; 

everyday fresh paint is added, 

with artistic direction that depends on the colors chosen by the couple. 

On the best day of our lives, we find art in every corner:

 the decorations, our family and friends, 

their smiles, words, shared moments, feelings, and looks. 

On that day, 


and we would love to be there!

We want to be part of this art

 and help you create the best experience,

 from the wedding concept and venue decoration to your wedding dress.

 Art collector, we will design the dress in which you'll say the "yes" that means forever...

 This is a dress woven with passion, 

a creation made from the heart representing love, 

interlaced knots, and emotions that complement a day full of wonderful stories. 

You'll have a work of art to wear and to live.  

Our bridal journeys

have demonstrated that each bride

is completely different, and each adventure

brings new gratification. 

They all have new stories, moments, and experiences.

With each, we learn more, but above all, 

it allows us to execute an entirely unique and artistic result

considering what each couple seeks to feel and

transmit on their special day

All couples bring something new to the table; 

they are as unique as each human that inhabits this planet. 

One thing they all agree:

this is the day they want to feelauthentic, 

exceptional, different, loved women 

who hope to SHINEART with ART!  

Wedding counseling aims to make 

all your wishes a reality by listening

to your individual needs.

 A completely personalized experience!

Our goal is to see brightsmiles 

on our art collector's faces.

They fill us with motivation and love for what we do.

 We want to ensure that Collector brides feel and look stunning on their unforgettable occasion.

We decided to make an event

 exclusively for brides for this exact reason... 

during which you'll have access to

 a one-on-one consultation with me.

 Here I'll learn more about what you're looking for, your personality, and how you want to feel.

 From there, we'll create an art garment exclusively for you!

 We'll be waiting for you in


You can enroll with the link below:

Remember that we also provide services for decor and venue. 

We'll help you create a unique, authentic, and artistic wedding!  


We are art, each one of us distinct from the other...

Wecreate art and transmit art.

Thank you, art collectors,

for allowing us to be part of these experiences filled with

 love, passion, and unforgettable moments...

That is where we want to be...

Leave us your comments!

We hope to hear from you...

With love, 


 -Natalia Botero