Brides full of Art

A day filled with charms,illusion, joy 

and nerves... a day to remember

 forever! That's what we felt on our

 wedding day, a million 

of indescriptible 

emotions, sensations never seen

 before and shared happiness...

The art of loving is a special kind of art,

 an art of teamwork, in which in synergy 

we paint a canvas called a couple's 

life project, full of love, creation,

 understanding and coexistence...

 a work that we never fully paint and that 

depends on each couple of 

which colors to paint it with. 

In the best day of our lives, 

we found art in every corner... in the 

decoration, family and 

friends, their smiles, words, 

moments, feelings, looks... 

that day EVERYTHING 

is ART and we want to 

be present with you and

 accompany you!

We want to be part of this art, help you have the

 best experience from the concept, wedding design 

and decoration, to your wedding dress,

  art collector, the dress

 in which you want to give that "yes" forever...

 a dress knitted with passion,

 work made from the heart, that represents 

love, intertwining knots and

 emotions to create the best stories and have 

a work of art, to wear and to live.  

In many experiences we have

had with brides, each one is

rewarding and completely different... 

they all have new stories, moments and 

experiences, from which we get 

great learnings and above all, this 

allows us to realize completely different 

and unique art, thinking about 

what each one seeks to feel and

transmit in its most special day,

also because each couple is as 

unique as all the humans that inhabit 

this planet... One thing they all

agree on is that on this special 

day you want to feel authentic, 

special, different,loving women

who want toSHINE with art! 

In our wedding counseling, 

we seek that all of what we

 have above becomes a reality,

 thinking about the individual 

needs and creating a completely 

personalized experience. We love to 

see the smiles and emotions in our art

 collectors, they fill us with joy and love 

for what we do, so that is our goal... 

help our"Collectors" brides to 

feel the most stunning 

women in their day.

This is why we decided to make an event

 exclusively for brides... an event in which 

you'll be able to have a personalized 

advisory with me,

 where I'll get to know what 

you're looking for, 

your personality, how 

you want to feel and we'll 

be then able to create an art garment

 exclusively made for you! We'll be waiting

 for you in LOVE WITH ART! You can 

enroll in the next link:                          

Remember that we can also help you 

design a unique wedding, 

authentic and artistic...  


We are art, each one of us so different from

 another... we create art and we can transmit art. 

Thank you art collector, for accompanying us

 in these experiences filled with love, passion and

 moments to forever cherish... remember that there 

is where we want to be... 

Leave us your comments! 

we'll be reading you...

With love, 


 -Natalia Botero   

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