A dream that today is a reality... 

Today I want to start by telling you how and why living with ART was born,

 I remember on October24,2020,

in the middle of a pandemic and fear, 

sitting in front of the sea in Gitana 

del Mar (one of the most magical 

places. I have visited in the Sierra Nevada 

de Santa Marta - Colombia), David (my husband and partner),

 Nina (founder of Gitana Del Mar) 

and I transcending life, its changes, 

about passions,authenticity and having a full life... 

I´ve always been passionate about sharing 

what has contributed to my life, habits, learnings 

and knowledge, I am convinced that when you are 

generous from the heart it will always stay full....

 in the middle of the conversation,

 Nina (she´s all fun, enthusiastic, productive, 

rather looked very like me) told me, Nati...

you should prepare a retreat for people 

who dream of undertaking, with a meaningful 

life, with finding a purpose

with ART!!!

 and in that minute my brain

 was activated at a 

hundred percent, it started to

 machine, and I said 

YES!!!! without thinking twice... 

From that moment on, David and I started building 

what it would be like to


It´s name... born with the purpose of finding

true fullness and happiness, with the purpose

to transmit that we are all artists, we all come

into the world to paint it of some color, 

and that's when we discover the 

ART of LIVING and start


An encounter of entrepreneurship, life with meaning and connection with nature, three pillars that have been fundamental to my life to find happiness and fullness... it is a retreat created based on who we are, from the experiences we have had and that have built us, it is a retreat where we share habits, we build dreams, we materialize ideas so that all that we crave is a reality.... 

For all dreams we must work, with discipline, persistence, passion, strategy and much more! understanding that in ourselves we have the main tools to reach the 

sky that we want to achieve... 

Welcome all to LIVE WITH ART... 

A meeting forever to remember!

-Natalia Botero T