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A dream that today is a reality... 

Today I want to start by telling you how 

and why Living with ART was born.

 I remember the date: October 24, 2020.

Amid the panic and fear caused by the pandemic, 

while watching the sea in Gitana del Mar 

(one of the most magical places I've visited 

in the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta, Colombia), 

David (my husband and partner),

 Nina (founder of Gitana Del Mar) 

and I reminisced on life, its changes, 

our passions, on authenticity 

and what a fulfilling life looks like... 

I have always been passionate about

 sharing habits, wisdom, and knowledge that

I have picked up throughout my life. And I am convinced

 that when you have a generous heart, 

you always feel full...

 At some point in the conversation, Nina

(a ball of fun, enthusiastic, productive, so basically me)

said"Nati... you should organize a retreat for people who dream of empoweringliving a meaningful life,

 finding a purpose, with ART!!!".

At that moment, my brain lit up,

 energized to the one-hundredth percent,

 and replied YES!!!!

I never looked back... 

From that moment on, David and I started building 

what would one day become


Its name symbolizes seeking 

fulfillment and true happiness

conveying that we are all artists of life.

We all come into the world to paint it 

with a color and purpose,

in that we discover the


thus start


An entrepreneurial gathering that focuses on

life with purpose and establishing a connection with nature.

These three pillars are the foundation of happiness and fulfillment in my life...

This retreat stems and concentrates on who we are

 and the experiences that shaped us.

 Here, we share habits,build dreams, and develop ideas

 so that all we desire becomes a reality... 

We must work hard for all our dreams 

with discipline, persistence, passion, strategy, 

and much more! 

Understanding that the fundamental tools

 already exist within us to touch that sky

we think is out of reach... 

Welcome to LIVING WITH ART... 

An unforgettable retreat!

-Natalia Botero T