Africa… you’re magic


You are more wonderful than we 

imagined  one day we wrote you down in our 

dream map and you became a reality  with

 @viajarafondo we had an experience

 from another world !!!!

 Definitely something to always remember… 

We started with a very high adventure!  

Our first friends were giraffes!!! 

Completely tender and spectacular beings

 So we started getting to know Africa!!!

 How about this show we were too

 happy this day with them !!  

Our first Safari… 
This day was barbaric…  we had never 

seen anything like this! The nature that surrounded us

 is impressive  and how the energy of these spectacular 

beings permeates every part of our body. 

 without a doubt, moments that will remain forever in our mind!!

Art in La Sabana!  
We continue our journey full of 

art with a lot of color we painted FLUID ART

 in the African Savannah!! A dream come true 

definitely when we dream and fight for 

things, everything is achieved!!!

Exploring different ways to use!  
And of course… we find different ways 

to wear pieces from our new collection 

you know we love exploring and being 

creative and in Africa this 

was not the exception. 

With our pieces from the new collection

 inspired by this incredible destination 

we continue to play on our journey !!!

 And we find more ways to use

 our pieces  this is crazy to us!!  

Connection in Africa 
We had moments of connection... 

both with nature and with ourselves

Moments full of tranquility and reflection

 in landscapes that completely blew us away!!!  

Painting and transforming 

the world through art...  
And this is ENTREAGUAS!

 Transforming the world through art…

 This was a dream come true! We paint,

laugh and play with the Masai  

community! Something 

spectacular that we had 

the fortune to experience thanks to

@viajarafondo for helping

us fulfill our dreams.

Animals and landscapes that will live in me...
A unique and unrepeatable experience, 

seeing how each animal in its habitat plays an irreplaceable

 role, the majesty of elephants, the tenderness

 of giraffes the strength of lions  and the cunning of cheetahs 

made us delirious and feel inside a lion king movie!  

Beings full of energy 
We had spectacular company!! Animals that 

surprised us in every way!!! We knew that 

Africa would surprise us but in

 reality it completely exceeded

 our expectations!!  seeing each 

role of each animal in its habitat,

 how they coexist and the reality of nature is a 

WOW experience thanks to 

@ricardobotero for these incredible photos. 

The energy of a place full of life
Africa left us speechless...

  taught us that our life should 

be a constant HAKUNA MATATA,

 we must take things easy 

and live to the fullest! Enjoying 

every moment to the fullest 

 filled us with energy and hope. 

ENTREAGUAS next to the waves of the sea...
We could not leave the sea behind…

 we wanted to end this adventure in DIANI BEACH

a beach which lasts a few hours, since by the 

moon at nightit disappears… 

this day we met this spectacular 

woman !! We danced, we laughed 

and we were ENTREAGUAS!!  

Thanks for being a part of this! Thank you for joining 

us in each destination, for laughing and

being amazed at everything we share! Without a doubt,

you were an essential part of this experience 

that will mark our lives forever you are a total inspiration




with love, 

Natalia Botero Toro

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