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One day we wrote you down on our dream map,

and I can say with certainty that 

you are more wonderful

than we imagined.

 With @viajarafondo, that dream 

became a real otherworldlyexperience!!!! 

Something to always remember.

We started with a remarkably tall adventure!  

Our first friends were giraffes!!! 

The gentlest and most spectacular beings.

 What a great way to kick off our trip to Africa,

 and what a spectacle it was.

We were thrilled to spend the day with them!! 🦒❤️


Our first Safari… 

This day was outstanding… ❤️

we had never seen anything like this!

 Nature encircled us, and the energy

 of these spectacular beings felt extraordinary.

 It penetrated every body part down to our core.

 Without a doubt, these are memories we will cherish forever!!

Art in the Savannah! 

Our journey continues full of colorful art

We painted FLUID ART 🎨 in the African Savannah!!

 It was a wish come true. 

When we fight for our dreams, everything is achievable!!!

Exploring different uses!

  Of course, we found different ways

 to wear the pieces from our new collection.

 All of you know that we love exploring and being creative

and Africa only enhanced that desire. 

Using our pieces from the new collection,

 inspired by this incredible destination,

 we continue to play on our journey!!!

 Finding more unexpected ways,

 each more stunning than the last!!  

Connection in Africa 
We had moments of connection... 

both with nature and with ourselves.

 Moments filled with tranquility and self-reflection,

 surrounded by scenery that completely blew us away!!!   

Painting and transforming the world through art...  

That is what ENTREAGUAS stands for!

 Reshaping the world through art.

 An absolute dream come true! ✨

 We painted, laughed, and played 

with the Masai community!

 It was a spectacular opportunity made possible by 

@viajarafondo, who helped us achieve our dreams.

Animals and landscapes that left a mark on my heart...

 It is undoubtedly a unique and unmatched experience to

 witness how each creature plays an indispensable role in its habitat.

We learned of the majesty of elephants,

the tenderness of giraffes,

the strength of lions

and the craftiness of cheetahs.

 It brought on a euphoric feeling like we were inside a Lion King movie!   

Beings full of energy 

We had exceptional company! 

Each animal surprised us in a new way.

 We knew Africa would be delightful, 

but it completely astonished us

and exceeded all our expectations!!

 Seeing an intricate and delicate balance of 

this formidable ecosystemhow its animals coexist,

and the reality of nature in the Savannah is just... WOW

Thank you to @ricardobotero for these incredible photos. 

The energy of a vibrant place
Africa left us speechless...

  It taught us that our life

 should be constant 


taking things calmly and living life to the fullest! 

Enjoying every moment in its entirety

filled us with energy and hope

ENTREAGUAS next to the waves of the sea...

We could not overlook the sea

so we ended this adventure in DIANI BEACH

A beach that lasts a few hours, disappearing as the moon emerges. 

On that day we met this spectacular woman!! 

We danced, we laughed, and were ENTREAGUAS (within waters)!!

Thanks for being a part of all of this!

Thank you for joining us in each destination,

sharing in laughter and marvel in every step of the way!

 Without a doubt, you were an essential part

 of this experience that marked our lives forever.

 You are our inspiration 




with love, 

Natalia Botero Toro