Little by little throughout my life I have

 discovered habits that have helped me live in 

a way that I'm more conscious about my body and 

mind, I'm convinced that the more harmony we find 

within ourselves and our surroundings,

the happier we live.

Today I want to share with you those

habits that have given me marvellous

results for the journey I have walked 

and that have contributed considerably to 

everything that I've wanted to achieve. 

Creating a habit requires 

something very important 

and that is discipline, 

perseverance and attitude,

in the beginning it can be hard,

but the best things in life take time and 

to reach them we have to fight endlessly!!!

1. I'm part of the 5:00 am club, I don't know

 if you've read 

Robin Sharma's book

 (if you haven't, I recommend it), 

I begin my days before the sun rises, 

this allows me to have two hours every day where 

I work on me and I do things that are difficult 

to do during the day due to the amount of

 interruptions I have.

 I use these two hours to meditate

watch personal growth

art or creativity videos, and to exercise my body.

2. I exercise my body: this has become 

something fundamental, since it's harder for 

me not to do it, it allows me 

to connect with

my body, release my stress, let go and 

something that has surprised me 

a lot is that it has awakened

my creativity.

3. I meditate, years ago my dad started to

 immerse me inside this world, I have been

 in numerous meditation courses and this 

has transformed my life,

 because I am a really hurried person that

 thinks a lot of 

things at the same time and meditating 

has allowed me 

to disconnect from those daily things and 

allows me to connect with myself. 

4.Conscious alimentation, when I started this entrepreneurship

 I didn't eat well, I started to have acute gastritis and kidney stones,

 I understood that to achieve everything I wanted and to take care of my body and my soul

I started a journey of a healthy diet

and changes in my life. 

My gastritis and stones 

went away, my body is full of 

energy and clearly not only 

my body changed but also my mind did.

5. Transforming negative thoughts 

and difficulties into positive thought and 

opportunities. Since U was little, my parents

 talked to me about the law of 

attraction, the power that the mind has 

and that everything we think is what we 

attract, when I understood it, I started to 

apply it and definitely this is incredible, 

everything in life depends on the 

way you see it, and if you look at it as an opportunity or

something positive you can create 

outstanding things from it! 

I hope this entry encourages you to continue

 walking through 

this marvellous experience that is life

 and that these habits 

contribute to make your dreams come true!!

Please leave your comments, we love reading you!!

With love,

Natalia Botero T