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Little by little, 

I have discovered habits that encouraged

 a more body-conscious and mind-conscious life. 

I am convinced that achieving harmony within ourselves 

will lead us to live happier within our surroundings.

Today, I want to share the habits that have contributed considerably to everything I've wanted to achieve,

with extraordinary results visible to the naked eye. 

Forming healthy habits 

involves these important practices: 

discipline, perseverance, and attitude. 

In the beginning, it will be challenging, 

but the best things in life take time, and 

to reach them, we have to be willing to fight!!!

1. I'm part of the 5:00 am club.

 I don't know if you've read Robin Sharma's book,

 but if you haven't, I recommend you do. 

My days begin before the sun rises,

 so I can dedicate two hours to myself and do things that are difficult to complete 

during the day with its everyday interruptions. 

During this time, 

I usually meditate, exercise, and watch videos about 

personal growth, art, or creativity.

2. I exercise my body:

this has become so essential 

that it's harder for me not to. 

It allows me to connect with my body, 

release stress, and simply let go. 

Something that has surprised me is that 

it has revived my creativity.

3. Meditation.

Years ago, my dad immersed me in this world,

 and since I have attended numerous meditation courses.

 It has transformed my life

 because I am a hyperactive person 

whose brain thinks a lot of things 


 Meditating has allowed me to disconnect from 

those daily concerns and connect with myself. 

4.Conscious eating. 

When I started this entrepreneurship,

I didn't eat well.

I developed acute gastritis and kidney stones because of it.

It was then I understood that to achieve my goals,

I had to first take care of my body and soul.

So I started my journey to a healthy diet,

with other changes for an overall higher quality of life. 

The gastritis and stones went away.

My body regained its

 vibrant energy and transformed my mentality.

5. Changing your mentality.

Transform negative thoughts and difficulties 

into positive thoughts and opportunities. 

When I was little, 

my parents told me about 

the law of attraction and the power of the mind. 

"We attract everything we think" 

When I understood this, 

I began applying it; it's truly amazing.

Life and its situations are inevitable, but 

your perspective can classify it as a problem or opportunity. 

If you choose to look at it as something positive,

you can create incredible things!

I hope this entry encourages you 

to continue walking through 

this marvelous experience called life 

and that these habits aid you in

 making your dreams come true!!

Please leave your comments; we enjoy reading them!!

With love,

Natalia Botero T