Organic Dyeing, SUSTAINABLE Wearable ART

Nature has always been our inspiration

connecting with our roots, with our essence

 which is what allows us to discover, 

know and find ourselves.

At the beginning of this year we began the

investigation of the process to 

dye 100% natural and we began to

 discover the amount of color that nature

 has for us, everything we see

 around us is full of color...

In our dyeing laboratory we are

 constantly discovering new colors 

and doing tests to show you all 

that nature has for us!

Our second Loungewear

collection, dyed with mud from

 the paradise of Guatapé, brown 

mud and pink mud, many call it 

clay too, and really when we mix

 it with water to carry out the dyeing

 process its texture is like clay.

Colors completely from
the earth, a whole
  sustainable process.
To make our organic dyes 
we use garments made
 with completely natural fibers
cotton, linen and viscose, 
with soft and comfortable
textures to feel free and wrapped
in a little of the energy 
of Mother Earth.

We invite you to discover in the following video the dyeing process of our MUD collection, without a doubt you will be surprised, this is how it happened to us when we began to discover this infinite universe...

With love, Natalia Botero T


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