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Terms and Conditions Custom and Unique

Last updated: February 10, 2023

Variations in the final colors of our garments

  • Due to our artisanal dyeing process, color placement accuracy and tonality of our garments may vary slightly compared to the photos on our website.

Changes to already placed orders

  • Any customization requested after placing your order may have an additional cost.
  • If you would like adjustments made to your order after processing, keep in mind that delivery times will be adjusted accordingly.

Custom Art Pieces

  • Our custom garments can be standard collections or Collectors products with special modifications in design, measurements, colors, fabrics, or any other predefined specification.
  • A special modification may include adding, swapping, or removing design elements from an item, altering fixed accessories to be removable or vice versa, and developing a new custom color palette for an item.
  • For modifications in measurements, colors, or design of an art piece, our staff will be happy to help you.
  • We are not responsible for damages or dissatisfaction with custom work done on our products outside of Entreaguas. We may also refuse additional services on those products.

Unique Art Pieces

  • Unique garments are created entirely from scratch based on external references or other Unique pieces.
  • Our Unique pieces have a starting cost of $1,500 (USD).
  • For our Unique pieces, we require a minimum deposit of 20% of the product's value.
  • Our lead designer is available to aid in the creation of your dream wearable art piece.

Development of Unique pieces

  • For your Unique pieces, you can expect the following steps:
  1. Initial consultation: One of our consultants will explore your options based on your budget, the type of piece you want, and the event type. Our consultants will contact you to schedule a virtual or physical appointment with our designer to continue the development of your Unique pieces. Before this appointment, you must pay an advance of 20% of the value of the garments.
  2. Designer Appointment: Our designer will meet with you to develop the concept and design of your art piece, as well as explain the steps to follow. If a concrete design proposal is reached, you will receive an estimate during the appointment.
  3. Design proposal appointment: If there is no agreement on a design proposal during the previous meeting, our designer will share some design proposals and their costs based on the concept explored in the first appointment. Adjustments to the design proposal occur during this appointment. The finalized proposal can take a minimum of 2 weeks.
  4. Art piece elaboration: Once the final design is submitted, we will start manufacturing. From that point, the 4-month delivery window begins counting down.

Delivery times

Custom Art Pieces

  • Although our delivery times may vary depending on requirements, the standard delivery time for these items is 40 calendar days.

Unique Art Pieces

  • Although our delivery times may vary depending on requirements, the standard delivery time for these items is 4 months.

Expedited Shipping

  • If you require expedited shipping, we may be able to adjust your delivery date for an additional 15% of the total value of the items for delivery in advance. Subject to availability.

Sharing your Measurements

  • We will ask you for specific body measurements for Custom or Unique pieces with personalized designs, depending on the item you have ordered.
  • In addition to your measurements, we may also request front and back photos of you as a guide for the artisans creating your garment.
  • Make sure you share the correct measurements for your garments. We are not responsible if you send them incorrectly.
  • We recommend waiting to place your order if you expect to undergo any physical changes that might considerably affect the measurements for your garment.

Measurement Appointment

  • We do not currently offer our measurement service for orders outside of Colombia.

Dyeing custom colors

Entreaguas Color Palettes

  • We can dye your art pieces in any Entreaguas color palette you want. This service is only available for our in-stock ivory collection, Collectors, Unique, and Custom pieces.
  • For Unique pieces, the custom color service is included.
  • The service cost will be added to the value of the items ordered. The price is $49 (USD) for each color palette, plus $23 (USD) per additional item dyed in the same color palette.
  • Example 1: If you want to dye a top and a bottom in our Dusk Sky color palette, the total value of the service is $72 (USD) ($49 for the top and $23 for the panty).
  • Example 2: If you want to dye a top, bottom, and skirt in our Dusk Sky color palette, the total value of the service is $95 (USD) ($49 for the top, $23 for the panty, plus $23 for the skirt).
  • Example 3: If you want to dye a top and bottom in our Dusk Sky color palette and dye the skirt turquoise, the total value of the service is $121 (USD) ($49 for the top plus $23 for the panty, and $49 for the turquoise-dyed skirt).
  • Reminder! Handmade techniques create slight variations (color tonality, intensity, or placement) compared to the reference image or sample.

Developing new custom colors

  • For an extra cost and extended delivery time, you can request a color not offered by Entreaguas.
  • This service is only available for Collector and Unique art pieces. It is not available for standard collection items.
  • For Unique pieces, this service is included in the cost of the garment.

Steps to develop a new color:

  1. Share a high-quality reference image of the color you would like.
  2. Our team of artisans will develop a color sample based on your reference image.
  3. We will then validate the color sample with you (international orders get sent a high-quality image) before dyeing your garment.
  4. If you are unsatisfied with the first sample, let us know. We will develop a second color sample and send the new image for verification. After the second, each new color sample will have an additional cost equivalent to the service.
  • Reminder! Handmade techniques create slight variations (color tonality, intensity, or placement) compared to the reference image or sample.

Exchanges (Custom & Unique)

  • If your piece does not meet your expectations based on what was discussed, you can return it to us for further adjustments.
  • Remember that these are made-to-order pieces. There is an additional cost for design alterations after manufacturing and significant modifications to the initial measurements. The price is equivalent to 50% of the initial product cost.
  • If you want to exchange an item with a custom color, the cost of the exchange is 50% of the original product cost.
  • If you are not happy with the fit of your custom-dyed collection item, you can exchange it for a different size. The exchange has an additional cost of 50% of the price of the dyeing service.
  • Custom service fees added to any item are nonrefundable and nontransferable in the case of returns or exchanges.
  • Example: If you want to exchange your custom item for another and have that one personalized, we will charge you the custom service fee again.
  • The delivery time for exchange items to be sent to you is 20 calendar days after we receive items for processing.
  • Due to our artisan dyeing technique, the color placement accuracy and tonality of the colors may vary slightly. We can only accept color exchanges if the outcome drastically deviates from the original reference.
  • To make an exchange, send us back the items, and we will send you your new items at no additional cost.
  • If we have made a mistake with your order, you can return the items for a free exchange. This is the only situation where we can assume the shipping cost for your items to our address.
  • If you need to make additional exchanges after the first, you will have to assume the cost of sending us your items and resending them to you.