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Custom Made

Your Dream Dress, Unique & Handmade.

The pieces become art when they are unique like our special hand-woven and custom-made garments. The true meaning of art to dress.

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My dress was an experience since Nati contacted me to show me the designs, she perfectly understood what I wanted, she read my thoughts !!!!!

When I received the package in my house, I never imagined what I was going to see inside ... I finally measured my dress and it was completely perfect and spectacular!

Colors and texture of each piece of art vary slightly thanks to our hand dyeing process, ensuring that each piece is 100% unique."

— Efigenia Gutierrez

Natalia Botero fundadora de Entreaguas

Natalia Botero


Natalia Botero is the CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Entreaguas. Art and fashion have always been latent in her. She started to materialize this creative taste in proposals for costumes and works of art. She made garments and sold them in Manizales, her hometown, and she elaborated works of art to display them in various cities of the country.

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Unique Details

Our custom made dresses are crafted by skilled artisans weaving macramé.Each knot that makes up the macrame of our custom made dresses is made by a craftswoman, who dedicates countless hours to each dress. The result? A unique dress and really a piece of art.

It could be a custom made wedding dress, a formal dress or an exclusive casual garment, on request each of our pieces is hand dyed individually, making its colors truly unique and extraordinary.

Entreaguas incredibly capture all my ideas in a simply spectacular dress. The creativity of the designer and the talent of all in the workshop made possible a unique tailor-made pice.

Thank you for the attention and agility with which you did everything! I am happy to have my dream dress!"

— Juliana Murillo

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Entreaguas Foundation

Our wearable art comes to life thanks to the caring and knowing hands of single mother artisans in local communities. Through our non-profit foundation, to help educate and provide job opportunities for them.

More than garments, our artisans craft elaborate art pieces with their hands, and at the same time, reach goals and transform their lives through art.

Enjoy a unique experience where you can create your dream dress together with our designer.

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