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Article: Let a piece of the cosmos fill your day with a smile.

Let a piece of the cosmos fill your day with a smile. - Entreaguas Wearable Art

Let a piece of the cosmos fill your day with a smile.

The beauty and mystery of the cosmos gives us a glimpse of its magical energy, this 28 and 29 of July there will be a meteor shower worth waking up and enjoying, the Delta Acuarides. If you have ever seen a shooting star you know the excitement and joy watching the cosmos expressions brings to your life, do not be afraid meteors des integrate once they are in contact with our atmosphere, but the show they put on will fill your day with a big smile. Meteors often bring wealth to the places the land on and become true treasures, but the true joy comes just by seeing them.

Metheor Shower

This phenomenon can be exploited by the amount of energy that unfolds, with which it is possible to have more strength and determination to achieve our dreams.

Metheor Shower

This magical show is inspiring, enlightening and amazing, it takes us to think about of own existence, our purpose and to dive in our selfs. Nature, cosmos and the world around us never stops to amaze us, so remember we are a part of it, another creation and our lives are true expressions of how magnificent our planet is and was is capable of creating, everything comes together, everything has an impact, nothing is set aside, so let's take these moments to be inspired and acknowledge just how marvelous we truly are.

Metheor Shower

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