Traveling Entreaguas- Minca

We continue the tour of this paradise called Colombia,

 which as we have always said, 

is full of small paradises...


Definitely traveling in Artsy@citroenallows us to enjoy all 

the landscapes that our country has, breathe it`s air, feel 

the wind, listen to the birds sing, see the infinity of color around us, 

mountains, valleys, lagoons, rivers and seas... 

Beauty is everywhere, everything that 

surrounds us is life, endless sensations and emotions 

to discover and visit a new place, these that we must 

take care of so much. After several days in 

Gitana del Mar we continue to Minca, a village 

in Santa Marta that is 

located in the Sierra Nevada,

 a place near the sea but where you can 

feel the cold of the mountains.

Birds, coffee plantations, hummingbirds, 

guaduales and rivers embrace this place, 

connected with nature we feel a great 

commitment to take care

of it and protect it.

Minca can be reached by car, but to get to a hotel in

 the middle of the trees calledCasas Viejas 

we must transfer to a jeep of those typical coffee 

areas and walk through trails in

 the middle of the Sierra.

Casas Viejas, perfect to use our loungewear line,

 be comfortable, not only surrounded by nature 

but also by wonderful people who attend the 

place and visitors with the same spirit

 as ours, discover corners of our country...

This hotel is located near the blue well where we had the 

opportunity to paint a picture in the middle of 

the waterfalls that descend 

from the Sierra Nevada which has already been 

auctioned for social work and 

contribute to the education of children

 in this magical place...

These trips not only allow us to tell you all 

these stories and show you everything 

we have around us, but also fill 

us with life, energy, inspiration and 

desire to continue transforming 

the world through art...

Next stop... 

Mompox ...

With love,

Natalia Botero T

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