Kogüi Ceremony- Alicia Londoño

In life the opportunities and people are not a coincidence,

 being here and now, enjoying this place, connecting with 

our essencewith our beginnings to decide to walk 

together a path of light, where we will navigate

 through calm tides, through other more turbulent ones. 

But always understanding 

that love can do everything.

A love intertwined with 

the roots of mother earth, 

connected with the generosity of our planet.

We were fortunate to accompany Alicia and Martin 

on one of the most important days of their lives, 

celebrating the happiness of having each other, 

of loving each other, reaffirming before nature, 

the sea, the sky and the air the infinite 

desire they feel to continue holding hands.

Grateful with life, with the universe, with Mother Earth for 

allowing this connection in the company of 

Mamo Kogüi and her family, allowing Mother Nature 

to continue filling us with her and we return 

everything she has given us.

Photography by: Juan Arellano @imaginesharks 

y Hugo Wext @hugowext

Audiovisual by: Juan Arellano @imaginesharks

Place:Gitana del Mar @gitanadelmarbeachresort

Dress: Entreaguas Wearableart @entreaguas_wearableart

Decoration: Entreaguas Experiesense @entreaguas_experiesense

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