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Interview Andrea Salamanca

1. Who is Andrea Salamanca? 

-I am a professional ballet dancer, in love with dance in general and wanting to learn and contribute beautiful and enriching things to this world. 


2. For how long have you danced? 

- I've danced for 22 years


3. How has dancing changed your life? 

-It has changed her in many ways, personally ithe has made me a strong but at the same time sensitive woman, it has taught me to be and express myself freely with respect and also to see others in that way, and has also shown me throughout my life as it not only transformed my life for the better but also that of many people in a positive way. 


4. What motivates you on a daily basis? 

-Thinking that today I do what I am passionate about and that not only do I enjoy it but also that I have the opportunity to share this magical world of dance with children and adults and see their lives filled with joy is a great motivation and inspiration.


 5. What is your biggest inspiration? 

-My biggest inspiration in terms of people can be Misty Copeland who is one of the main dancers of the American Ballet and who inspires me... I am very inspired by nature, it inspires me to have the lifestyle that I like, everything that makes me happy. Waking up knowing that I am going to share this magical world with other girls, seeing them smile... All those smiles inspire me, seeing the growth of these people inspires me to continue creating. 


6. What does ballet mean to you? 

-Ballet for me is the closest thing to perfection, it is a sport, but it is also art. Then it gives you discipline but also sensitivity, it is the most elegant and sophisticated expression of dance, technique, which never becomes easy but it does make you better and better.

7. What is your favorite memory of the dance? 

-International tours with my sister and my friends stepping on big theaters and conquering different audiences, giving thanks for those endless applause that fills you with joy.


8. What does it mean to you to be an Art Collector Ambassador?

-Being part of this family is very important, I feel that it complements me. It is putting in my instrument that is my body and the one that allows me to express myself through movement, plus the art that inspires me and keeps me creative.


BailArte la vida con Andrea Salamanca

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